Manicure Treatment

A Manicure consists of File, Cuticles, Massage and Polish

What is a manicure?

‘Manicure’ is a term used to describe a range of beauty treatments designed to improve – or maintain – the appearance and condition of hands and nails.

A Basic manicure is a great way to maintain your natural nails.

What to expect during your manicure

While procedures and practices vary, you can typically expect the following during your treatment:

STEP #1 – FILE: Nail filing is often first on a manicurist’s agenda. Keratin in the nails weakens when they become wet or moist, causing split layers and jagged edges if filed (not a good look).

STEP #2 – CUTICLES: Once your nails have been filed, your therapist will apply a cuticle cream to your fingernails and gently push each cuticle back, creating a neat aesthetic.

STEP #3 – MASSAGE: You’ll then receive a pampering hand massage comprising reflexology techniques designed to help you relax.

STEP #5 – POLISH: Varnish will be applied in a colour of your choice. Your chosen hue will be applied then followed by a top coat, to increase its durability and to protect your nails.